Benefits & Advantages
Tuvalu IBC offers a very attractive option for businesses requiring an OFFSHORE company in the shipping and maritime industry.

Some of the key benefits and advantages of the Tuvalu IBC are as follows:
  1. Political stability
  2. May be owned and operated by persons and parties from all nationalities
  3. Not subject to any tax liability in Tuvalu
  4. No filing of financial statements
  5. Confidentiality of shareholders, members, directors and officers
  6. No minimum issued share capital requirements
  7. Only one (1) director is required
  8. Only one (1) shareholder is required
  9. Extremely competitive fees for incorporation and renewal as compared to many other jurisdictions (please contact us for a quote)
  10. Exempt from any stamp duty on all transactions
  11. Easy access to the administrative office of the Registry in Singapore
  12. Owners will be provided with a 24/7 immediate attention
  13. One (1) business day for formation and filing of corporate documents & three (3) business days for issuance of full corporate pack
  14. Attorneys available to respond to enquiries regarding business entities
There are always reasons to go offshore due to tax incentives and identity protection applicable to offshore jurisdictions, thus making sense for business owners and individuals to use these offshore corporate vehicles for tax planning and asset protection. However, accessibility and efficiency of some of these offshore registries leave much to be desired.

Tuvalu International Companies Registry (TICR) offers all the traditional benefits of incorporating in an offshore jurisdiction plus its unrivalled efficiency and accessibility by having its administrative functions carried out in Singapore. TICR is your preferred choice for modern shipping businesses today.

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